Income Tax Preparation

No hidden fees!

Listed here are the Client Questionnaire, The Tax Services engagement letter, and the Business Data Sheet.  These need to be completed annually by both new and returning clients.  You can save yourself some time at drop-off if you complete these forms ahead of time.  All forms require signatures before your tax return can be started. 

Client Questionnaire
Client Questionnaire Digital Form
Dependent Information Sheet
Dependent Information Sheet Digital Form
Business Data Sheet
Business Data Sheet Digital Form
Tax Services Engagement Letter
Tax Services Engagement Letter Digital Form

Tax Preparation Rates

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for income tax return preparation, or not knowing how much the return will cost you until months later when the bill comes? We pride ourselves in being a better value than franchise tax establishments, large firms, and self-prepared tax software. There are no hidden fees with us.

Tax Planning Services

If you submit a copy of prior years’ returns and give us an idea of what changes you have in store, we can help you tax plan for the upcoming year.  Typically this is suggested mid-year.  June-September. Tax Planning Services are billed at our Hourly Rate of $100/hour.

Tax Representation

Got a Notice?  Let us help.  Fees are dependent on the scope of work.

Income Tax Preparation Rate Schedule


Form Fee Includes

1040 (Any 1040 form)

Dependent (under 16) returns.

W-2, Interest Income ONLY.  No dependents/credits




Federal, 1 state, 1 local return
Additional State Returns $75.00 each  

Additional Local Returns or

Pro-rated forms due to moving

$75.00 each



Schedule C or F (Business or Farm) $130.00 each  
Schedule E (Rental Property) $130.00 each  
Schedule A & B (Itemized deductions and Interest Income) $   included  
Child Tax/Other Dependent Credit $75.00  
EIC-four pages total $75.00  
Education Credit $75.00  
Head of Household $75.00  
Property Tax/Rent Rebate (PA) $50.00  
Inheritance Tax Return $350.00  
8962 Premium Tax Credit $50.00  
1095A $50.00  
Tax Notices $150.00 per hour Tax notices separate service.  Billed at our hourly rate.
Extensions $50.00  
Reprocessing of Completed Return $25.00  
e-collect (pay us out of your refund) $75.00

Proof of identification needed.

(Drivers license, or state ID).

Optimizer (best way to file) $50.00

Comparing filing status results

to determine best way to file.

Installment Agreement $100.00  
Personal Property Return (MD) $100.00  

                                             *Returns received On or After March 15th price increases by $25.00 and will go on Extension.


Hourly fee – If your data is not in a form that is directly transferable to a tax form or schedule, time will be billed at $100.00 per hour. (For example if you bring receipts that are not totaled on a spreadsheet or some type of accounting program). Also excessive time (determined by tax preparer’s discretion) for meetings, questions or consultation above the normal scope/limit of a return will be billed at $100.00 per hour.


Business Tax returns – Rates vary depending on the type of corporation and amount of data. Please call for an estimate. Base rate is $775.00 which includes 5 hours of prep time.  Additional time billed at $100.00 per hour. Partnerships start at $500.00 which includes 3 hours of prep time.  Additional time is billed at $100.00 per hour.


When will tax returns be ready and paying for the return – Generally income tax returns will be ready within 10-14 business days of receiving ALL the clients’ information. Payment is due at the time the return is picked up. The return will not be e-filed until payment is received (unless other arrangements have been made). We accept, cash, check, Visa/MasterCard or you can have your income tax fee deducted out of your refund. (Fee is $75.00 and only applicable for returns with refunds).